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StrapBandit er designet for å gjøre pallebåndprosessen raskere, tryggere og bedre.

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StrapBandit er designet for å gjøre pallebåndprosessen raskere, tryggere og bedre.

Den er raskt og sikkert holder stroppen på plass. 

  • Den er raskt og sikkert holder stroppen på plass. 
  • Den reduserer betydelig bøyning og tøyning. 
  • Båndet setter seg ikke fast eller stopper.


    Ved kneling og bøyning  kan dagens eksisterende verktøy ta 10-30 sekunder per stropp som skal tres og festes. Et hundre stropper kan ta opptil 50 minutter å feste. StrapBandit kan håndtere de samme hundre stroppene på ca 9 minutter. Det er en enorm økning i effektiviteten! StrapBandit bilder


LAS VEGAS, NV (PACK EXPO 2017) – SEPT. 25, 2017 – StrapBandit, an innovator in the pallet threading tools market, will debut its new solution in the Teknika Strapping Systems booth (S-7128) during PACK EXPO 2017 in Las Vegas. Known as pallet threading, pallet strapping, and pallet lacing, the process of running the strap through the pallet, for bulk shipping and load securement, has been around for more than a century but has seen little improvement over the years. The result is reduced efficiency and potential employee health risks. The StrapBandit is designed to simplify the pallet strapping process while improving efficiency and allowing the worker to stay in a more natural and upright position. For companies with ongoing pallet strapping needs, in markets like warehousing, supply chain logistics, manufacturing, and freight shipping, the StrapBandit can deliver a clear bottom-line improvement.

“Broomsticks, branches, cardboard tubes and PVC pipes; I’ve seen many makeshift and commercial tools used for this task, but none that were purpose-built to address the entire problem,” said Ken Payne, president, StrapBandit. “All of those tools – homemade or purchased – require the worker to get down on their knees or bend over in an unnatural position. The end game is a health risk that could result in a workmen’s compensation claim due to a repetitive stress injury. They also tend to get snagged on the pallet, reducing speed and efficiency. After years of watching this problem go unaddressed, I designed a solution that was easy to use, allowing the worker to stay upright and the tool to traverse the pallet without getting snagged – the StrapBandit was born.”

Exceptional Engineering
From head to handle, every aspect of the StrapBandit was designed to make the threading process fast, efficient and safe. The durable head threads all common pallets and crates without getting stuck. Its unidirectional cleat easily and securely holds the strap. The device is capable of delivering nearly all plastic and corded strapping, and its composite rod easily flexes to slip strapping through a 48” pallet, without having to bend over, even in spaces as tight as 12 inches.

“With the kneeling, bending and do-overs, existing tools can take 10-30 seconds per strap to be attached and released. A hundred straps can take up to 50 minutes to thread. The StrapBandit can handle the same hundred straps in about 9 minutes. That’s a massive increase in efficiency. When combined with the lowered safety risks, the tool delivers significant value to our customers with a real impact on their business,” continued Payne.

About StrapBandit
Created by a 20 year veteran of the packing industry, the StrapBandit solves a widespread market problem. Headquartered in the Dublin, CA, StrapBandit designs, tests and distributes a pallet threading solution that increases worker speed and efficiency while reducing the physical strain associated with the task.


StrapBandit was conceived on the notion that there had to be a better way to thread strapping through pallets. Threading is the first of three critical steps, followed by tensioning and sealing. The last two were figured out decades ago with sealing tools and tensioning tools, and an industry has evolved around these. Yet the first, and arguably most physical task, remained the most underserved until now.

In 2014, while demonstrating a friction sealing tool, Ken Payne, StrapBandit’s founder, watched a customer struggle to get plastic strapping through the demo pallet. The space between pallets was too tight to get their makeshift corner board tool into the gap. He’d seen this clumsy process many times in his 20-year packaging career – workers on their knees, fishing strapping through pallets using jimmy rigged devices made of broomsticks, pieces of pipe and such. None of them had a professional grade tool.

The industry functioned for decades with sticks, awkwardly wielded by weary workers. For a person handling 25 pallets a day, that’s more than 25,000 times a year they must stressfully bend or kneel to perform their job. And while the industry does offer a few tools, they’re mostly ill-conceived sticks themselves that are clumsy to use and with little or no distribution. The need for a purpose-built tool was vastly underestimated and complacently overlooked.

Fortunately 3D printing and a world of freelance talent made the journey from concept to market a manageable one for the first-time inventor. StrapBandit was three years in the making. The result is a highly effective and durable tool that lowers repetitive strain risks and reduces the time and labor of this critical task. We hope that StrapBandit provides users with a great experience to make their jobs easier.

Lengde: 2 Meter

Bredde på "hode": 8 centimeter

Høyde på "hode": 5,5 centimeter

Vekt: 215 gram

Laget av kraftig nylon med en slitesterkt og fleksibelt polyuretan overtrekk med en svært fleksibel glassfiberstang

StrapBandit fungerer med alle typer plast og strammebånd.

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